Fly Away Therapeutic Massage
...let the pain of your body 'fly away'
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Who doesn't like free massage?

Selecting a massage therapist is a big deal.  You have to find someone who's personality and style of massage you can appreciate. 

I believe that the greatest compliment I can receive is a referral from a client.  That is why I strive to give the biggest possible thanks in return.  For every person your refer to see me I will give you a free thirty minute upgrade.  You can use those thirty minutes however you like.  Just add it to a half hour session or longer.  Treat yourself to a longer massage, or come in for your regular time and get a great deal.  Whatever you want to do.  

Feel free to pick up a few business cards and the next time you hear a friend or family member complaining about an aching back or tight shoulders you can say, "I've got the therapist for you!"  Just tell them to mention you on their intake form and you'll receive your 30 minute upgrade by email.

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