The massage times listed on this web site are for 'hands on' times. When accessing the value of the massage you are purchasing make sure that you take into consideration that not all massage businesses include 60 minutes of hands on time in a One Hour Session. Be an informed consumer and make sure you know what you are paying for.

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30 Minute 'Spot On'  
- When you just have time for a lunch break massage, or have just one knot that's killing you a 30 minute massage can alleviate bothersome tension.

60 Minute Integrated Modality Massage
-Either a relaxing general massage or one area of major focus is good for the one hour time slot.  Different Modalities may be combined to the needs of the individual.

90 Minute Integrated Modality Massage 
-An hour and a half massage gives the therapist time to address a problem area and still have time to give a full body massage. A general deep pressure full body massage should be a 90 minute session.  Different modalities may be combined to meet the needs of the individual.

120 Minute Integrated Modality Massage
-Tissues are able to be thoroughly warmed up and therefore deeper penetration to the muscles is achieved.  Multiple problem spots are addressed during this full body treatment. Modalities are combined as needed.

60 Minute Deep Tissue
-Deep tissue massage is utilized to reach deeper levels of muscle and connective tissue.  Deep tissue usually entails and generous amount of pressure and more time is taken to warm up tissues to prevent injury.  A 60 minute session may not be enough time to complete a full body massage depending on the status of the muscles and amount of problem areas.

90 Minute Deep Tissue

-A longer version of the Deep Tissue.  A 90 minute session is perfect for the full body deep tissue.

Each body is unique in its needs. So I believe each massage should be just as custom. The following modalities are combined to provide a truly one of a kind massage just for you!

  • Swedish
Receive a relaxing Swedish massage that focuses on soothing the mind and body  can smooth out tension and tight muscles.  Gentle pressure and continuous contact ease the stress that life presses us with and increases circulation.
  • Deep Tissue  
A more thorough and therapeutic massage that works out muscle knots, tension, adhesions, and breaks down scar tissue. Deeper layer muscles are the focus of this session and firmer, slower pressure is typically applied.
  • Sports
Typically for athletes or people in labor intensive professions, a sports massage targets specific muscles that become tight with repetitive movement, Sports Massage is key for the athlete, weekend warrior or manual laborer who's muscles are fatigued and stressed. Deep tissue massage is combined with therapeutic stretching and muscle energy techniques to lengthen and repair muscles in specific areas.
  • Energy Work  
A blend of several types of energy work including but not limited to Reiki, Chakra Balancing, imagery, and somatic Release. Energy work can help calm nerves, promote a balanced emotional state, and help to alleviate stress related illnesses. Energy work is key to those seeking a balanced life.
  • Myofascial Release  
Myofascial tissues can become adheased and restrict proper muscle function. Myofascial treatments are typically done without oils to help provide greater friction and pull on the fascia. Slow sustained pressure helps to break down these restrictions, alleviating pain and discomfort that can arise.
  • Cupping 
Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of releasing muscle tension, myofascial restrictions, and stagnant energy. A flame is used to pull the oxygen from the 'cups' causing them to be suctioned to the body when applied. Reverse pressure provides a unique experience that cannot be achieved with the hands alone. Sometimes the first few session can be uncomfortable.

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"Different modalities of massage give different desired results. Whether you are simply looking to relax, or you wish to break down scar tissue, muscle adhesions and painful knots we have the massage for you. Please take a minute to review the different types of massage that can benefit you."
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